Multi-Chain Order Book DEX

Break the blockchain trilemma to build a decentralized Binance or Coinbase.

Build an order book with the experience and liquidity of a CEX, but decentralized and non-custodial


merged stablecoins from multiple chains.massive multi-chain liquidityno slippagefast finalityno gas cost on L2partial fulfillment and multiple pending ordersup to 32 maker orders


asset security with ZK-Rollupsself-custodialtrustlesspermissionlessno KYCdata availabilityvalidity proofs

Deploy a fully-functional CLOB DEX plugged into zkLink's multi-chain L2 network

Simple High-level API

Connect your front-end to our simple REST-ful API, using the development language and stack of your choice.

Multi-chain Liquidity

Get access to liquidity from every connected blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, and Solana (soon).

Zero-knowledge Security

ZK-Proofs ensure multi-chain interoperability is safe and secure.

Self-Custodial Wallet Integration

Pre-built integration with Metamask, with integration to other wallets coming soon.

Case Study

ZKEX is the first bridgeless multi-chain DEX to be built on top of three leading L2 zero-knowledge rollups: zkLink, Starkware, and zkSync.



With our white-label solution, rapidly build and deploy your multi-chain DEX.

Trading Firms

Integrate the order book into your trading platform to enable non-custodial multi-chain trading.

Web3 dApps

Plug into the zkLink L2 network to rapidly enable multi-chain trading.

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