Multi-Chain AMM DEX

Simplified multi-chain user experience with heterogeneous token swaps backed by zero-knowledge proof security.

Build a one-stop multi-chain swap DEX with liquidity pairs made of native tokens of any type, from different chains.

zkLink makes it possible for liquidity pairs to be made of
native tokens from separate chains, and of any type,
such as ETH-SOL, UNI-CAKE, USD-XXX, and many more.

Multi-Chain Trading Curves

- UNI V2: Constant product curve

- UNI V3: Concentrated liquidity model

- Optimized stableswap curve

Massive Liquidity Pool

- A better swap experience enabled through deep unified stablecoin liquidity.

- Only one liquidity pool is needed for each token, no matter the different chain’s origin (e.g. USDC-Solana vs USDC-Ethereum).

High Capital Efficiency

- A higher utilization rate while trading on the zkLink L2 network.

- zkLink merges stablecoins from different chains so traders only need to hold a small list of stablecoins.

Discover The Next Paradigm of AMM DEXs

Simple High-level API

Connect your front-end to our simple REST-ful API, using the development language and stack of your choice.

Diverse Application

New DeFi scenarios like multi-chain borrowing and lending, multi-chain farming can now be realized on a single infrastructure.

Zero-Knowledge Security

ZK-Proofs ensure that multi-chain interoperability is safe and secure.

Self-Custodial Wallet Integration

Pre-built integration with Metamask, with integrations to other wallets coming soon.



With our white-label solution, rapidly build and deploy your multi-chain DEX.

Trading Firms

Integrate the order book into your trading platform to enable non-custodial multi-chain trading.

Web3 dApps

Plug into the zkLink L2 network to rapidly enable multi-chain trading.

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