We’re on a mission to unify the world’s blockchains by building a next-generation trading infrastructure that is secure, efficient, and easy to use for developers and users.

The future of DeFi is multi-chain

But right now, the DeFi-verse is fragmented and hard to navigate

The blockchain industry is rapidly becoming a diverse multi-chain world, with each chain offering unique advantages with security, privacy, fees, and scalability for a variety of different use cases.

However, by isolating tokens in walled gardens on different blockchains, both users and DeFi projects must deal with major hurdles.

Users are faced with complex cross-chain transfers with dozens of clicks that often wipe out the enthusiasm to engage with a project, while DeFi projects suffer from low fund utilization rates, and the challenge to onboard and retain active users.

We envision a seamless multi-chain DeFi world

And to make it a reality, challenges with multi-chain security and usability must be solved

zkLink allows developers to build upon a unified, multi-chain, multi-purpose ZK-Rollup middleware secured by zero knowledge.

Developers can leverage access to the aggregated liquidity from previously isolated chains, and all the users from those chains.

Secured by zero-knowledge technology

Secure by design, with minimal compromises, towards a future without exploits

With minimal security compromise, high efficiency at scale, and trust-minimized security design, zero-knowledge technology is considered by many to be the ‘end game’ for blockchain security, scalability, and privacy.

zkLink applies zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-SNARKS) in a multi-chain context, and provides easy-to-deploy ZK-powered dApp solutions to developers via high-level APIs.


We're driven to innovate, contribute, and make the promise of Web3 a reality

zkLink's global team of engineers and experts are based around the world, having studied at ENSPM Paris, Imperial College London, HIT, Duke University, Peking University, and Tsinghua University, with research and work experience in cybersecurity, cloud computing, cryptography, and zero-knowledge proofs.