Take Part in zkLink’s ‘Dunkirk’ Asset Recovery Test

A Benchmark of Safety and Security in the Crypto Industry

On Thursday 11th May at 12pm Singapore time, we will simulate a shutdown of the zkLink infrastructure for 72 hours, allowing you to test the emergency asset recovery feature.

Learn how to withdraw your assets in the event of an emergency, and earn rewards for taking part in the test!

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Collect rewards such as OAT tokens, points, giveaways and other prizes.

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Countdown to Dunkirk

May 11th 2023, 12pm Singapore time

How can I take part in this campaign?


Join the campaign on Galxe

Complete a few tasks to be eligible for potential rewards.

Join on Galxe

Trade on ZKEX Testnet

Go to the ZKEX.com Testnet and make some trades. Their Testnet is in demo mode - get some test token assets for free.

Make sure you have some balance in your ZKEX account and get ready for the Dunkirk shutdown!

Go to ZKEX
Until May 10

Dunkirk begins!

Go to a recovery node and get your assets back to your wallet.

Node list and instructions
May 11-14

Mint your reward NFT on Galxe

Connect to Galxe with the same wallet you recovered assets with.

Mint a reward NFT
After May 15

Why take part?

In the “Dunkirk” withdrawal test, you will experience how zkLink is radically different from CeFi projects: we never hold your assets, they can’t be stolen from you, and you can withdraw them anytime, even if zkLink went dark or shut down suddenly.

This hands-on experience will help you become better prepared for the unexpected in the crypto space.

Recovery Node Partners

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What is the purpose of this event?

Inspired by the historic evacuation from the beaches of Dunkirk, the zkLink Dunkirk Test serves two critical purposes: boosting user confidence in zkLink’s system security and promoting the adoption of the Dunkirk Test as an industry standard for absolute fund security.